Composed of superhuman circus performers from around the globe, Emergency Circus administers inspirational circus shows and workshops to  the hospitalized, the homeless, the imprisoned, and the undercircussed everywhere. This non-profit division of Dr. Patch Adams’ Gesundheit Institute seeks to inspire, entertain, and enliven humanity. Through spectacle and performance the Emergency Circus demonstrates the power of the human spirit to achieve seemingly impossible skills through dedication and persistence.






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“We believe in the healing power of laughter and empathy to elevate endorphins, relieve stress, build community, and diminish pain.”

-Emergency Circus Founder, Clay Mazing



Dissolving Clown Hearts on Christmoween

“She was a Christian and they tried to kill her but there was a rock that got split in half and some shepherds disguised her or something like that,” Says Sabine, “But I’m the worst person to ask about these things.” Halloween Christmas is... read more

Unexpecting the Expected

It’s 5 am in Beirut, Lebanon. The birds outside sound like slide whistles while my jetlagging mind is racing. After 40 hours of planes and airports, of which I probably spent 6 hours sleeping between the hard carpet of Washington D.C. airport and upright in a... read more

Tour to the Rescue Public Shows

Most of our shows will not be seen by the public but we’ve included some fundraisers along the way to raise awareness of our mission and grow the project. Support the spreading of circus joy while experiencing the healing power of laughter for yourself in these... read more

Run Away With The Circus

The Emergency Circus wants you! We are currently in the midst of booking our “Tour to the Rescue” across the country This June and there are many ways you can be involved. You have the power to…  Request Community Shows. Send us to hospitals, nursing... read more

Christmas de Los Ninos

At 5:11pm the speedometer shakes just under 45. No cop would ever pull over an ambulance driving 9 miles over the speed limit on Christmas day. The children will be ready for us in less than an hour. I still have to pick up Special Head before we meet the rest of the... read more

Shrapnel Of Love

Here’s Music Video Montage of some Emergency Circus work done in Syrian Refugee camps in Jordan, The West Bank of Palestine, and the curfewed streets of Cairo this October with the Gesundheit Institute and Clowns Without Borders.  Song written by Clay... read more