Christmas de Los Ninos

At 5:11pm the speedometer shakes just under 45. No cop would ever pull over an ambulance driving 9 miles over the speed limit on Christmas day. The children will be ready for us in less than an hour. I still have to pick up Special Head before we meet the rest of the circus at the park. I suppress the urge to just flip the switch and turn the emergency light bar on. We’ll make it. Excitement stirs in my stomach overpowering the sleepy too much Christmas turkey feeling. Special Head isn’t quite ready but it only takes a few moments to get him into gear. Danny is his real name. He recently became slightly famous for levitating on America’s Got Talent. To the television watching world he’s a magical guru but to me he’s just Danny, my old buddy who argued about toothpaste everyday as we traveled across Eastern Europe. My old slum lord and roommate. I can’t be too frustrated at him for moving slowly for this show. This buddy of mine can now make four figures for performing for camels in Qatar. Today he will only earn the wide eyes and smiles of a few children separated from family for Christmas. Earlier on this morning Becky, the Wonderfool, texted, “Clay! Happy Xmas day. I am SICK!! I’m trying really hard to feel better cuz I really want to make Xmas show for kiddos… But right now the outcome is uncertain. 🙁 I’m trying but I don’t wanna puke on the kids. That’s not nice.” That would make for a poor show it’s true. But by 5:30... read more

Clay Mazing