Wish List

Here’s a list of things the Emergency Circus needs to continue.  If you have any of these items laying around for free or cheap or if you can help out in these ways email emergencycircus@gmail.com and we can get in touch.  Thanks!


  • Venues-  Do you work at a hospital, nursing home, homeless shelter, etc. you’d like us to visit?  Maybe you have an in with a theater where we can do a benefit show.  Let us know.
  • Hosts- How about a circus comes to your house or farm land for a night, takes showers and eats your food.  That’s fun right? If you’re on our route we need you.
  • Helpers- When the time comes to issue our prizes maybe you can help make some hoops, balls, clubs, theme songs, capes and ship ’em we’ll give you the know how and materials.
  • Veggie oil- Does your restaurant have nice vegetable oil that goes to waste or goes to some company that makes Bio diesel?  Give it to the circus instead.
  • Centrifuge-To clean our vegetable oil.
  • Fuel Hoses
  • Inverter
  • Solar panels
  • Tools
  • Metal Work- Can you design and build a stage on the side of our tour vehicle.
  • Food- Make us lunch when we come through town or give us the day-olds from your bakery.  We’ll do tricks for you.