Bring The Emergency Circus Back To Refugee Road

Bring The Emergency Circus Back To Refugee Road

Thousands of refugees have been forced by circumstance to leave their homes in war torn countries like Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq in search of a better life in Western Europe. Last November the Emergency Circus traveled 3,500 miles through 8 countries traveling alongside these refugees performing in stations, refugee camps, buses, trains and squares. We brought music, laughter, and empathy to countless masses in dire situations.2group

The project was so well received and so desperately needed that we’ve decided we must return, this time beginning at the Syrian border and sharing the entire journey with the refugees, not only to relieve stress and deliver joy through circus along the way, but also to understand and document the struggle of these humans during this massive migration.

IMG_2544In order to do so we need your support. In order to pay for travel, lodging, and food we have budgeted a conservative cost of 6,000. Please consider sharing this post and making a donation to the Emergency Circus right here Every person who donates any amount will receive updates as we document the situation through the eyes of a circus through writing, video, and photography.

These are sweet, kind, middle class families who are risking their lives daily to escape extremely difficult situations they’ve been dealt. Often their children, mothers, or fathers die along the way. They aren’t always treated with kindness and the stress of loosing family members, jobs, and their homes can be extremely draining to their mental state. It is so heart warming and hopeful to see what a simple smile can do for their ability to continue on with hope. History is being created now and the Emergency Circus is committed to doing what we can to steer it in a positive direction. Please share and donate what you can. every bit helps. Thank you for your support.MigrantRoute

To learn more about this work  click on this Clowns Without Borders Documentary by RT